Uniform Policy

Students in Pre-K to Grade 5 are required to wear a school uniform everyday, Monday through Friday, all year. Exceptions may be made by school administration during Spirit Days, Performance Days and Picture Days.

The uniform policy is as follows - 

  • Tops are to be light blue in color.
    • Including t-shirts, button down shirts, or polos. 
    • Tank tops or shirts showing midriffs are not allowed
  • Bottoms are to be navy blue in color.
    • Including shorts, pants, sweatpants, skirts, or jumpers.
    • Bottoms must be at knee length or longer. Daisy dukes, mini skirts and short shorts are not allowed.

If your child is out of uniform or dressed inappropriately, guardians will be contacted for a change of clothes. If guardians are not available, the child may be provided a clean, gently used uniform donated to the school.

On the day your child has dance, theater or gym, we encourage they wear a t-shirt and sweatpants in uniform colors listed above. 

Parents that cannot purchase the uniforms due to financial hardship should speak to Michelle Ortiz, Parent Coordinator or Migdalia Sifre, Family Worker. Please be assured that all requests shall be kept confidential.

If a parent would like their child to be exempt for religious reasons etc. there is a Uniform Exemption Request (weblink) on page 7. In order to obtain this exemption you will have to have a conference with Michelle Ortiz either by telephone or in person.

If you would like to read the chancellors’ regulation on uniforms, see Chancellor's Regulation A-665 (weblink).