School Based Health Center

What are School-Based Health Centers?

  • School-Based Health Centers are medical health centers within the schools. They help students manage their illnesses during the school day. Because of the location, School Based Health Center are an easy health care option for busy students with busy parents who cannot always make it to their doctor’s office.
  • School-Based Health Centers have been providing primary care to students in NYC schools for over 25 years.
  • It’s been proven that School-Based Health Centers lower school absences and parents’ time away from work! They also lower the chance of an emergency room or hospital visit. If your child has a chronic illness, or suddenly gets sick, a School-Based Health Center at your school can assist your child with care. 
  • School-Based Health Centers are run by local hospitals, medical centers, and community organizations. The NY State Department of Health and NYC Department of Health oversee all School-Based Health Centers to make sure that they are providing excellent care to the students.
  • Did you know that over 387 schools in NYC have School-Based Health Centers ? Check the list of all School-Based Health Centers in NYC to see if your child’s school has one.

NYU Langone School Based Health Center

The School Health Program—Family Health Centers at NYU Langone provides medical, mental health, dental, and vision services, along with health education, directly to children through a clinic located in P. S. 001. Their staff care for children when they are sick, but also provide the preventive medical care to keep them healthy.

By operating clinics inside schools, NYU Langone helps to ensure that healthcare is accessible and convenient for children and families. A healthy child misses fewer days of school, which makes it easier to keep up with schoolwork and succeed academically. Also, when a child is healthy, his or her parents miss fewer days of work.

School-based clinics are staffed by at least one nurse practitioner who can write prescriptions, order diagnostic tests for illnesses such as strep throat, and help manage chronic conditions including asthma and diabetes. The health team includes physician assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists, health educators, medical associates, and patient services associates. The dentistry program is staffed by a dentist and dental hygienist. Although insurance is billed for visits when appropriate, visits to the school-based health center lead to no out-of-pocket costs to families.

Full-Service Healthcare for Children

Care received through the School Health Program does not replace a child’s regular pediatrician or dentist visits. But the clinics can supplement care when necessary, or provide it if a child does not have a regular doctor or dentist.

Preventive care includes immunizations, annual well visits, and back-to-school and sports physicals. The medical team is also available to treat illnesses; administer first aid; provide referral to specialists as needed; and conduct dental, vision, and hearing screenings.

The dental staff performs cleanings, treats cavities, and provides preventive care such as fluoride treatment. Our behavioral health clinicians conduct screenings and psychosocial assessments for students referred for treatment. They provide specific interventions to ensure that students’ social and emotional needs are addressed. There is also access to off-site psychiatric services and referrals to various social services agencies in the community.

All services are available to students enrolled at P.S. 001. Appointments are scheduled during the school day. A parental consent form is required for all children receiving medical care or dental care. For more information, please contact 718-567-7661 Ext. 131.

When schools are closed, services are available at all Family Health Centers at NYU Langone locations.

Parental Consent Forms

A parental consent form is required for all children receiving medical care or dental care.  NYU Langone also requires a parental consent form for eligible children to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. You can fill out and submit the following online forms:  

Contact the NYU Langone School Based Health Center

Contact the Health Center directly at 718-567-7661 Ext. 131 or ask to speak to the Nurse's Office.

Contact our School Health Program Hotline at 347-377-3170 and choose the option for medical, behavioral health, or dental services.