School Leadership Team

School Leadership Team Meeting Dates


What does the SLT do?
The role of the School Leadership Team is to help guide school wide decisions. The SLT meets once a month and focus on many tasks including:

  • Participating in the development and review of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP)
  • Ensuring that the budget is aligned to support the CEP
  • Working collaboratively with other team members by sharing our ideas and concerns
  • Engaging in collaborative problem-solving and solution-seeking that will lead to consensus-based decisions that meet the needs of all students

How can you attend a SLT meeting?
The following are the two ways you may attend an SLT meeting:

Open Chair: The SLT may invite members to sit in on a meeting. The person may be invited to lend pertinent information or expertise on a particular subject or issue.

Visitor: A person who requests to address the team because of a particular concern. A visitor may attend a meeting provided a prior request or statement of intent is made to the Chair at least one week in advance. Visitors may not participate in Team business. The Chair will consult with the Core for a decision.