School Academics

English Language Arts

(ELA - Reading & Writing)
Journey's Common Core Program
  • Anchor text reading instruction challenges students well beyond their first encounter. A special three-part routine guides students to grasp big ideas, then analyze short passages, and finally undertake independent close reading.
  • Journeys Leveled Readers for Guided Reading, by Irene Fountas, allow students to get individualized practice alongside the core coursework.
  • Complete solutions for Tier I, II, and III intervention to reinforce skills, scaffold instruction, and teach key foundation skills.
  • Strategic language support for English learners provides integrated support and scaffolds for every lesson, plus five days of additional instruction to develop language skills, all enabling ELs to engage with core instruction.


enVisionmath 2.0

  • enVisionmath2.0 Common Core is a comprehensive mathematics curriculum for Grades K-5. It offers the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction. enVisionmath2.0 provides the focus, coherence, and rigor of the Common Core State Standards.
  • When students connect ideas, they deepen their understanding. enVisionmath2.0 is organized into clusters of connected topics and lessons. Students learn to see relationships, ask questions, and try different approaches. Problem-based learning drives students to engage in productive struggle.
  • enVisionmath2.0 provides a wide variety of differentiation resources and strategies. Tiered activities, learning centers, flexible grouping, and technology to help accommodate learning styles and readiness.


Amplify Science

  • Each unit of Amplify Science engages students in a relevant, real-world problem where they investigate scientific phenomena, engage in collaboration and discussion, and develop models or explanations in order to arrive at solutions.
  • Amplify Science is rooted in the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Do, Talk, Read, Write, Visualize model of learning. This research-based approach presents students with multiple modalities through which to explore the curriculum.
  • In each unit, students take on the role of a scientist or engineer to investigate a real-world problem. These problems provide relevant contexts through which students investigate phenomena.

Social Studies

Passport to Social Studies

  • The NYCDOE K-8: Passport to Social Studies program is a comprehensive instructional resource that integrates the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) and the New York State K-8 Social Studies Framework to support strong social studies teaching and learning.
  • An effective social studies program allows students to make sense of the world in which they live, make connections between major ideas and their own lives, and see themselves as active members of a global community.
  • This program challenges students to think like historians and encourages them to raise questions, think critically, consider many perspectives, and gather evidence in support of their interpretations through the practice of chronological processing, decision-making, and historical research and analysis.