Arrival & Dismissal

Early Arrival

Early arrival is for students wishing to have school breakfast before beginning their school day. Breakfast is provided free of charge to all students from 8:00 am to 8:15 am in the cafeteria. The entrance is located on lower 47th street. 

At 8:15 am, students will be directed to their classroom. 

Students not wishing to have breakfast, should arrive to their arrival location by 8:15 am.

Times and Locations

Pre-K, SC1 Mini Building 8:15 am 2:30 pm
Kindergarten School Yard 8:15 am 2:35 pm
1st Grade School Yard 8:15 am 2:40 pm
2nd Grade Upper 46th Street 8:15 am 2:35 pm
3rd Grade, SC2 Main Entrance 8:15 am 2:35 pm
4th Grade, SC3 Main Entrance 8:15 am 2:40 pm
5th Grade, SC4 Upper 46 Street 8:15 am 2:40 pm

 Map of the school detailing the locations and times for arrival and dismissal of all grades. 


Arrival Protocols

Health Screening Tool

Before entering school buildings each day, every student and staff member must complete the Health Screening Form to confirm that they are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, have not recently tested positive, and are not currently required to quarantine based on close contact with an infected person.

We recommend bookmarking Health Screening Form (weblink) on your device so you can quickly and easily complete the form before sending your child to school each day. If you unable to complete the Health Screening Form on a device, a paper form will be provided and you will be subject to a temperature check.

Remember, if your child feels ill, do not send them to school! We want to keep your child and our school communities healthy and safe, and we must all do our part.

Arrival Location

Families should begin arriving at 8:15 am to their designated arrival location, please see chart above. Parents/Guardians and students should be wearing face coverings and have a completed health screening form.

Late Arrival

Doors will close by 8:35 am. Students arriving after 8:35 am should be escorted to the main entrance by an adult. 



Dismissal Protocols

Please remember, students will only be dismissed to their parents/guardians or to another adult at least 18 years of age who MUST be listed on the blue card and MUST have a valid ID present. It is important to regularly update your child's blue card in order for the school to reach you in the event of an emergency.

In addition, it is extremely important that the person picking up the child know the name and class of the child to ensure a smooth dismissal.

After School Program

Students who attend an after school program including CFL and Salvation Army will be dismissed to their program before their class dismisses outside.

If you do not want your child to attend their after school program on a specific day, you must notify their teacher beforehand. The teacher will then dismiss your child via normal dismissal procedures. If you do not pick up your child on time, your child will be dismissed to their after school program.


If an individual is not listed as an emergency contact, a parent/guardian must fax or email the school. We will not accept request over the phone, however you may contact the school to obtain the fax number or an email address to send the email to.

The letter or email MUST include the following:

  • the date of the pickup
  • the name of the student
  • the class of the student
  • the name of the person you are authorizing to pickup the student (must be at least 18 years of age)
  • a copy of the parent/guardian's picture identification (ID)
  • the parent/guardian's signature

Early Dismissal

We strongly discourage taking a student out of school unless the student is ill or in the event of an emergency. Students should not leave school following a field trip or after any parent engagement activity. Please schedule appointments, including doctor's appointments, after your child is dismissed from school at 2:40 p.m.

If you receive a phone call stating your child is ill and needs to be picked up, please arrive to the school as soon as possible and present a valid photo identification (ID). If you send an authorized emergency contact listed on the blue card, they must be 18 or over and have a valid photo identification (ID). If it is before 9:00 a.m. or after 2:00 p.m., please let the Safety Agent know you received a phone call and ask them to contact the Main Office.

In the event you decide to pick up your child early from school, you must do so after 9:00 am or before 2:00 pm. When picking up early, please try to arrive before or after your child's lunch period. You may have to wait longer for your child if you are picking them up during their lunch period. Early pickups will not be permitted after 2:00 pm, unless your child is ill.