School Year 2020-21

Kindergarten Orientation

Pre-K Orientation

Session 2: P.S. 1 Return to School (8/12/20)

Please post your questions on our Return To School Questions Form

Session 1: P.S. 1 Return to School (7/31/20)

Upcoming Events

  • In Person Group B & C

    P.S. 001 The Bergen
  • Remote Group A & D

    P.S. 001 The Bergen
  • Blended Learning Opt-In Window for Quarter 2

    If you're child is fully remote and you would like to transition them into a blended program, please complete the Learning Preference Survey by October 30, 2020. 

    Parents/Guardians can continue to complete the Learning Preference Survey if they would like to move their child or children into a fully remote program.

    P.S. 001 The Bergen
  • Remote: Group B & D

    Students will be learning at home.

    P.S. 001 The Bergen
  • In Person Group A & C

    Students in Groups A and C attend school in person. 

    Students in Groups B and D attend school remotely from home. 

    P.S. 001 The Bergen
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