Learn at Home

P.S. 001 Learn At Home Resources

In addition to the NYC Department of Education's Learn At Home resources listed below, our school is providing you with a list of websites and materials you can use to continue educational activities with your children at home

P.S. 001 Learn At Home Resources


As per the Mayor, students will begin remote digital learning on Monday, March 23.

The materials below are designed to provide supplementary learning resources to students in the event that students may need to be home from school. We encourage you to use this time to continue your student’s learning while they are at home. To help students engage in educational material, we have shared the resources below for students in all grades, from Early Childhood to 5th Grade. These materials do not replace what your child has been learning at school, but during this unusual time it is important that students continue to read, write, do social studies and science activities, and work on math problems. For more information visit the NYC DOE Learn At Home page.

The materials on the grade specific pages below include:

  • Suggested daily study schedules

  • Guides and materials for instructional activities

  • Recommended educational television shows

  • Links to a variety of books, magazines, and websites on a wide range of topics that appeal to children at all 

Early Childhood (Pre-K) Resources

Children love to play—anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. As they play, they’re learning about the world around them and practicing important skills. The document below includes many fun and engaging activities you can do with your children at home. This includes activities for infants, toddlers, and children who are 3 and 4 years old.


Early Childhood Activites



Kindergarten to Grade 5

For each subject below you will find links to worksheets with activities to do at home. For each activity, you will find:

  • A description and/or instructions for the activity
  • Information about both content and practice that the activity supports
  • One or more focus or discussion questions that will help deepen the learning of the activity