Student Discharge

If your child will no longer be attending our school, it is your responsibility to inform P.S. 1 The Bergen of your plans. You can do this by completing the discharge form below and submitting it to Glorimar Ortiz Sifre, Pupil Accounting Secretary, at

If you are moving within New York City and your child will continue to attend P.S. 1 The Bergen, please go to Change of Address.

You must complete the Discharge Form if your child:

  • is moving within New York City and your child is attending another NYC Public School - We will receive a notification of transfer from their new school.
  • is transferring to a private or parochial school - if you and are not moving from your current address you do not complete the "New Address" section of the form.
  • is moving out of New York City, please complete the form with your new address, telephone number and school (if available).
  • is moving out of the United States, please remember to include the new address, specifically the new city and country.

If your child is under the age of 6 by December 31st you must also complete the Under Six Release Form below.

Your child cannot be discharged from P.S. 1 The Bergen until all necessary information is obtained as per Chancellor's Reg A-240.