February Newsletter

Kindergarten Scientists

Kindergarten Scientists are observing, comparing and describing the physical properties of Trees and their structures throughout the seasons. Students will also be observing the physical properties of wood, which comes from trees.

1st Grade Scientists

1st Grade Scientists are beginning their unit on Water. Students will be learning how water moves on Earth through the Water Cycle (evaporation, condensation, precipitation, runoff, groundwater), as well as what happens to water once it fall to Earth.

2nd Grade Scientists

2nd Grade Scientists are beginning their unit on Erosion. Students will be observing the affects of rocks rubbing together as well as the affects weathering (sun, wind, rain, water) has on Earth materials.

3rd Grade Scientists

3rd Grade Scientists are beginning their Mass Unit. Students will be using gram pieces, and balance scales to find the mass of matter. They will also push their thinking by finding the Tare Weight.

4th Grade Scientist

4th Grade Scientist are beginning their Plant Life Cycle Unit! Students will be observing Seed Dispersal, Observe the transfer of water to leaves as well as investigating the stages of seed growth….